Just checking an answer...

I was given Aluminum + Sulfur yields.. & I was to finish & balance & answer the questions.

2Al + 3S => Al2S3

If 1 mole of sulur reacts, how many moles of aluminum sulife are produced?

.166 mol Al2S3

How many grams of aluminum sulfide is this?

24.9 g

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  1. Has your teacher talked about sulfur occurring naturally as S8?
    That would change what you have done. If s/he hasn't talked about that, you still don't have mols Al2S3 correct. Based on your equation I think 1 mol S x (1 mol Al2S3/3 mol S) = 0.333 mol Al2S3 is the correct answer. Grams of Al2S3 are correct based on your answer of 0.166 mol your method must be ok for that part of the problem.

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