Ba(OH)2 is a strong electrolyte. Determine the concentration of each of the individual ions in a 0.700 M Ba(OH)2 solution.

I know that

Ba(OH)2 -> Ba + 2OH

But how do I determine the concentrations? I feel like I am making this more complicated than need be

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  1. Yes, you certainly are making it more than it is.
    0.700 M Ba(OH)2 means 0.700 mols Ba(OH)2/L soln.
    So [Ba(OH)2] = 0.700 M
    When it dissociates, according to the equation you wrote, then
    (Ba^2+) = 0.700 M
    (OH^-) = 2*0.700 M = ? BECAUSE there are twice as many OH^- as Ba^2+. Ba^+ = the same as [Ba(OH)2] BECAUSE one(1) molecule Ba(OH)2 produces one (1) ion of Ba^2+ (and of course two (2) ions of OH^-.

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  2. YOu wRonG

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  3. OH

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