The children of willesden lane

1.How does Lisa Jura's music shape her identity?
2.How important is Lisa's religion to her identity?
3.What changes does Lisa and her family experience so far in the book? Which do you think were te most difficult for Lisa to accept? for her parents? how have you coped with difficult changes in your own life?

On this site there is a synopsis of the chapters:

I would like to suggest that when you are reading a book, keep a small notebook by your side for a "reading diary". On one side of the page, write down important facts; on the other side of the page, write down questions that come to mind as you read, or an idea that interests you.

We do not do your homework for you here at Jiskha, but we try to help you find the resources to achieve your best.
Please come back if you need more help.

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asked by Nyeem
  1. because she cant talk like shes jewisj or they would send her back

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    posted by naysha
  2. how does lisa regard her family? to whom does she feel mst attached to?

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    posted by shyla
  3. erfg

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    posted by sdfvg

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