five final goods and services that are not included on the GNP

GNP is the sum of the market value of all final goods and services produced in a country over one year. So, to be excluded from GNP, the good or service a) generally cannot have a "market value", and b) is not one of the short list of things without market value that are imputed to GNP (e.g., food grown and consumed on a farm)

So, not in GNP includes things like food grown in a garden (by non-farmers), informal baby sitting, certain volunteer work, the "labor" of a housewife, etc. The list also includes things with market value but too small and difficult to measure (e.g., money paid to a neighborhood kid to mow your lawn.) GNP also does not include labor non-citizens. So, money paid to a consultant from Holland would not count. (But, money paid to an American consulting in Holland would count.)

This is not about the message above i am doing the social studdies fair please help me i am doin it on state quarters

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