Flight Path. In this problem you will use a cosine function to model the flight path of a plane that begins its descent from 20000 ft when it is 45 miles from the airport. Find the tion p(x)= ACos(wx)+B that that gives the altitude in ft when the plane is x miles from the runway. your function must satisfy P(0)=0, P'(0)=0 P(45)=20000 P'(45)=0. if the plane is maintaining a constant horizontal velocity of 250mph, what is the maximum acceleration experienced by the passengers?

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  1. starting function: p(x) = Acos(wx) + B
    given: p(0) = 0
    --> 0 = Acos0 + B
    A + B = 0

    p(45) = 20000
    20000= Acos(45w) + b

    p ' (x) = -Aw sin(wx)

    given: p '(0) = 0
    0 = -Aw sin0
    so Aw = 0 , so A = 0 or w = 0

    p ' (45) = 0
    0 = -Aw sin(45w)

    This question is starting to NOT make a lot of sense.

    are you sure that it should not be something like Acos(w-x) ????

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