a 4 L sample of gas at 30 degrees celcius and 1 atm is changed to 0 degrees celcius and 145,000Pa. what is its new volume?

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  1. (P1V1)/T1 = (P2V2)/T2
    Note the correct spelling of Celsius.
    Don't forget to change temperature to Kelvin. You also will need to convert pressure to the same units. 1 atm = 101,325 Pa.

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  2. is the answer .397 liters?

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  3. No, not even close.
    Show your work and I can find the error. Did you change 145,000 Pa to atm? Did you change 30 C and zero C to Kelvin?

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  4. 1(4)/1.42v2=303.15/273.15

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  5. Your numbers look ok to me. You just didn't solve for V2 correctly. If I solve for V2, I get
    [1(4)*273.15]=1.42*303.15*V2 and
    V2 = [(1*4*273.15)/(303.15*1.42)]=??

    I might disagree just a little over the conversion of Pa to atm. I would have written 145,000/101325 = 1.4310 and I wouldn't have rounded to 1.42 since you used 273.15 and 303.15 to more places. But your numbers, otherwise, look ok. I get 2.5186 L if 1 and 4 are to that many significant figures.

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