Question 2.
3 Consider a box that explodes into two pieces while moving with
Fig. 9-24
a constant positive velocity along an x axis. If one piece, with mass :
m1, ends up with positive velocity v1, then the second piece, with :
mass m2, could end up with (a) a positive velocity v2 (Fig. 9-25a), (b) :
a negative velocity v2 (Fig. 9-25b), or (c) zero velocity (Fig. 9-25c). Rank those three possible results for the second piece according to
the corresponding magnitude of v1, greatest first. v2v1v2 v1 v1

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  1. (a) (m₁+m₂)v=m₁v₁+m₂v₂
    v₁(a)= {(m₁+m₂)v-m₂v₂}/m₁
    (b) (m₁+m₂)v=m₁v₁-m₂v₂
    v₁(b)= {(m₁+m₂)v+m₂v₂}/m₁
    (c) (m₁+m₂)v=m₁v₁
    v₁(c)= (m₁+m₂)v/m₁
    v₁(b) > v₁(c)> v₁(a)

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  2. a>b>c

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