I have some questions

My name is Chandra Mukhi. I am a girl.
I am new in America.This is my first time using Jiskha.I have some questions.

My questions are:

In school how do you make friends?

In school how do you get to know if someone becomes your friend?

Be your true self. Let others know this true self. You will instinctively know when they are your friends.

To be very direct, Chandra, I have always found the theater and choir people to be very nice, smart people. They usually will rapidly educate you about everyone else too :) Welcome to America, and Jiskha.

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  1. Be yourself. people may find you a little diffrent, but who cares? ignore those people. and socialize with people who accept you. kids can be very cruel... all you have to do is talk about things they like and get to know them and have things in common with them :) everything shoould turn out fine! <3 best wishes, goodluck

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    posted by Nataly

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