Jerry monthly salary consist of $850 pluss commission of 15 % on the total sales made.If his total sales for the month of March is $ 25 000 ,what is his income for the month of March?

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  1. commission would mean that he gets a percent of what he earned, so that would be 15% of 25,000.

    Not sure where you need help since you didn't show work.

    to get 15% of 25,000 you would have to multiply 25,000 by .15 (everytime you multipy a number and want a percent of that number you divide the percent by 100 and multiply it by the number you want the percent of.) so

    (.15)(25,000)= ______?

    take that number and add it to 850 and you should get what you are looking for.

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  2. Thank you christina ...

    god blees you ...

    good night ...

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  3. your welcome.

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