Which of the following is NOT an example of persuasive writing?

a position paper from an elected official

a college admissions essay

a movie review

*a summary of a textbook reading assessment

Identify the following as a fact or an opinion: “Video games are too violent for anyone under 17.”

Not sure on this one.


Which of the following is a hasty generalization?

*Playing football gives you concussions.

Some video game players don’t get enough exercise.

Many breeds of dog are gentle and loyal.

Often, the team with the best defense wins championships.

Choose the term that is capitalized correctly in the following pair.

*Scottish people
Scottish People

Identify the statement that is a fact.

Buying a home is a very stressful experience.

*Ben Bernanke became chairman of the Federal Reserve in 2006.

Taxpayers should expect an interest rate hike in the very near future.
You should always use a real estate agent in purchasing a property.

Please help.

Thank You.

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  1. all of your * answers are correct

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  2. ok. Thank you.

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  3. yep, his answers are correct.

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  4. he is right but here they are

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  5. Correct 💕🥰😍

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