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okay the question is as follows:
Three plants are placed in 3 different terrariums in 3 different light conditions. Plant A is placed in blue light, plant B in green light, and plant C in yellow light. In which case will there be an increase in the oxygen content of terrarium? Explain your choice.
I got this off a website is this correct?
I realize that plants are green, but that is because they reflect green light and absorb other colors of light. Therefore, the plant would not absorb the light energy for use in the Chloroplasts to produce food and put out Oxygen. I would probably say the blue one because there is more light energy absorbed by the plant from blue light than in yellow and the green is simply reflected back by the plant. Under the green light, the plant will eventually die due to lack of food. Under the yellow light, there is less light energy to be used because of the wavelengths of the light and thus the plant would produce less energy and less oxygen would be expelled. The blue light is better absorbed by the plant and thus the amount of energy produced by the chloroplasts is higher and tuhs mroe oxygen is expelled.

No it is not right. Besides chloroplasts, which utilize mainly red light (reflecting green), there are accessory pigments in plants. Blue light is utilized, and some green.

So, of the three, red is more effective in growth, in most plants. Then blue, then green.

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