The energy levels of one-electron ions are given by the equation:


The series in the He spectrum that corresponds to the set of transitions where the electron falls from a higher level to the nf = 4 state is called the Pickering series, an important series in solar astronomy. Calculate the Pickering series wavelength associated with the excited state ni = 9.

What region of the electromagnetic spectrum does this transition fall in?

X ray

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  1. So calculate E for n = 9 (and Z is 2). Call that E1
    Then calculate E for n = 4 (and Z is 2). Call that E2.
    Subtract the two (disregard the sign), then delta E = hc/wavelength. All of that gives you one line. That's the n = 0 to n = 4 transition.
    You will have other lines; for example:
    n = 8 to n = 4
    n = 7 to n = 4
    n = 6 to n = 4
    n = 5 to n = 4

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  2. Im suppose to solve for lambda. How do I do that?

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  3. After you have delta E, then
    dE = hc/wavelength.

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  4. gdhs

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