english (especially for Writeacher)

Lynch, T. (1996). DS9 trials and tribble-ations review. Retrieved
October 8, 1997, from Psi Phi: Bradley's Science Fiction Club
We b site: h t t p: / /w w w .bradley. edu /campus org/psiphi/DS9/ep/
503r . html

... and this will go immediately after the quotation or whatever:

Sorry, I forgot to ask what is the Lynch, T. (1996). Is that who made the website and when? Actually, what is everything?

I am doing it for:

h t t p : / / skeptically . org/wars/id6 .h t m l

(ignore spaces)

and I don't think it says all of that information.

It might take, like an hour, so keep checking back.


I'm glad you re-posted. My first question is whether you are using APA format or MLA format. The information on that website I gave you before (http://wwwold.ccc.commnet.edu/mla/ ) is specifically for MLA style, but you can get to APA directions from here, too.

Not all websites will have the same types of information. At this webpage -- http://wwwold.ccc.commnet.edu/mla/online.shtml -- scroll down a bit, and it lists for you the information you should include IF IT'S THERE and the order in which it should be included in the citation.

You are right. The skeptically.org website doesn't have all the same as the "Lynch" website does.

But before you go much further, be sure to tell me which format you are to be using -- APA or MLA.


I don't know what MLA and APA are, so it doesn't really matter which I use, I suppose.

OK, let's stick with MLA then.

The MLA format for your first source is this:
Lynch, T. "DS9 Trials and Tribble-ations Review". Psi Phi: Bradley's Science Fiction Club. 8 Oct. 1997. 21 Dec. 2006 <http://www.bradley.edu/campusorg/psiphi/DS9/ep/503r.html>.

And the parenthetical citation for it would be simply (Lynch).

I'm not sure I'd use the skeptically.org website or any information from it if you can't find the names of "The Editors" anywhere. I've looked, but I can't find any. It refers to www.monthlyreview.org, which (according to Google) is a Marxist journal. Now, if you can find the names of "The Editors" and you also have other sources to balance out the viewpoints in here, you should go ahead and use it.

If you need to figure out which websites you can trust for academic research, here are a couple of good places:




Well, I already did my essay and I'm making corrections to it and the teacher told me to cite the stuff I got from that website, so it is necessary that I use it.

OK, then I guess the Works Cited item for it would be like this:

Editors. "U.S. Imperial Ambitions and Iraq." Iraq war and imperialism. 21 Dec 2006 <http://skeptically.org/wars/id6.html>.

And in parentheses in the text, you'd simply put (Editors).

Let me know if you have more questions.


That's what I was thinking. Thanks for spending so much time with me on this! :) Bless you!

No problem. Website citations are difficult to wade through.

Go get an A!


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asked by Lauren

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