Find the differences between the following values:

a) 217 and -198
b) 1 2/3 and 3/4
c) $o.59 and $1.25

What am I suppose to do?

asked by Joy
  1. Thats easy

    a) 217 - 198 = 19

    b) 1 2/3 (mixed fraction) = 5/3 (improper fraction)

    5/3 - 3/4 (to find the difference)
    = 20/12 - 9/12 (convert to common denominator)

    c) $1.25 - $0.59 = $0.66

    posted by KG
  2. Sorry KG but it is minus a negative which means it is additionand that means it is 415

    posted by Chey

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