I still don't understand the difference between the plot and summary. Let me see if I am right.
If a project said to write about the plot could you put it in bullet format and name off major events in order. And if it asked to write the summary of the book would I write like a paragraph about the story in my own words?

Summary is when you condense the story and include the main points and the plot is like what is going to happen. Like if it is a murder mystery, that plat would be to murder a man possibly.

Yes, I usually expected students to write a plot in outline form. A bulleted list would work well, too. Just make sure you don't skip any parts. A plot consists of

1. Setting -- where, when, intro of characters
2. Main action -- first main act of the main character that sets up the "problem" that needs to be solved
3. Main conflict -- first main reaction to the main action -- this makes sure the problem is clearly understood and that we know for sure what needs to be resolved.
4. Rising action -- continuation of actions and reactions, building suspense as the problem becomes worse (usually)
5. Climax -- an action that solves the problem; this does not drag out over time. It usually occurs in a matter of minutes (or maybe a few hours, at most)
6. Conclusion -- the ending of the story

A summary is usually written in paragraphs; it usually "hits the high points" without much attention to the details.


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asked by Katie

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