How would a physics expert respond to the following suggestions made by three airline executives? Write a script of the expert's response for performance in front of the class.

Airline Exectutive A: Since the earth rotates from west to east, we could operate 'static flights'--helicopters that begin by hovering above New York City could begin their landing four hours later, when San Francisco arrives below.
Airline Executive B: This could work for one-way flights, but the return trip would take 20 hours.
Airline Executive C: That will never work. It's like when you throw a ball up in the air; it comes back to the same point.
Airline Executive A: That's only because the Earth's motion is not significant during that short a time.

I don't want you to make a conversation for me or anything, and I know the first two statements can't be right but I don't know how to explain them. Help?

Air moves with the Earth.

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asked by Becca

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