Physics - Satellites

Could someone please tell me the advantages and disadvantages of satellites in an equatorial orbit?

Please DON'T tell me to go google it because I already have and cannot find it.

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  1. The following came up top of the list of a Google search.
    "A satellite in geosychonous equatorial orbit (GEO) is located directly above the equator, exactly 22,300 miles out in space. At that distance, it takes the satellite a full 24 hours to circle the planet. Since it takes Earth 24 hours to spin on in its axis, the satellite and Earth move together. So, a satellite in GEO always stays directly over the same spot on Earth."

    If you want to suggest some advantages and disadvantages I am sure someone will comment.

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  2. The most advantageous equatorial orbit is the geosynchronous orbit at very high altitude (about 40,000 miles) that serve as our communication and satellite TV network, because the satellites are always seen in the same direction. Tracking is not necessary.

    One disadvantage of LOW equatorial orbits is that the satellites are not visible over the United States.

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  3. One disadvantage of LOW equatorial orbits is that the satellites are not visible over the United States.

    Or Northern Europe 8-))

    Think about other types of satellites such as weather or Earth mapping. Is it an advantage or disadvantge to be placed in orbit that looks at the same area of the Earth?

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