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Shakespeare in Love

1) What are the main themes of the film? The filmmaker’s message is not clear until we see what happens to the protagonist.

The Main themes of the film are love, overcoming obstacles and doing what you deem is the right thing to do and combating for what you want.

2) What is the filmmaker revealing about Shakespeare?

The filmmaker is revealing that Shakespeare was a man of love and poetry. A man that demonstrated something more immense than just comedy and serving your duty, however Shakespeare revealed that you can actually write the ways of true love and perform them, not just live them.

3) What did you learn about Shakespeare that you didn’t know before?

I learned that Shakespeare was an implausible type of person; he was a great poet, one who shaped stories and made them into masterpieces. I also beyond neglect noticed the way he uses words to project imagery. I personally believe William Shakespeare is one of the profound authors of his time, more or less or time. William Shakespeare is beyond greatness, his characteristics are inspirational.

4) Choose 1 good actor-What is exceptional about his or her performance?

One great actor was Gwenneth Paltro, {viola playing Juliet in the play} she was in love with poetry and found herself falling in love with Shakespeare himself with or without the plays, although that was the source of their passion. She was very independent and a strong advocate in love and nothing else. The only reason she married another was for her queen who demanded it. Shakespeare would have been killed if she denied, so she gave up her life {metaphorically} to save him and knew their love would last forever.

5) Do you recommend this for class? - What grade? - When?

Yes, I recommend this for class but in particular College level. For the reason that, there were some nudity in the movie and furthermore the quality of the movie is meant for mature individuals. Students should comprehend Shakespeare’s work and understand the technique of his writings.

6) What other questions or comments do you have about this film?

This was a great film packed with good poetry, a love story and fairly easy to comprehend, but not something that is based on fact. Shakespeare was a great poet, although he was not projected as the Shakespeare I sought him to be.

7) What do you notice about the filming of the movie? Was the scenery beautiful? Frightening? Effective?

The scenery was phenomenal; the filmmakers shown the playhouse, the town and a number of good quality houses; although the beauty shots were stupendous. The scenery was effective, it opened my eyes to comprehend true beauty, but it was not frightening at all.

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