Human Service

My assignment was to design a Reward System for a human service organization. I had to indicate how I will ensure that, basic needs are met, competitive benefits are offered, benefits are equally distributed, and employees ar treated as individuals.

I was wondering if someone could read over my rough draft to see what I have missed. Thank you

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  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you would like someone to do that for you, you will need to post it.

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  2. Here is the rest of my paper...

    The objectives of this organization rewards and recognition program are:
    • Recognize and promote positive behaviors that support individual, team, and department goals and objectives;
    • To provide both individual and team recognition;
    • To improve employee productivity and quality of work;
    • To improve client services; and
    • To improve communication between both employees and management in order to achieve this organizations goals and objectives.
    With this human service organization being publically run it has limited finances to dedicate to the monetary and non-monetary rewards. Because of this fact, the awards amounts and types of awards have been carefully considered when designing the rewards program. The biggest concerns this organization had to consider when developing the rewards program was the issue of favoritism and fairness with all employees. To insure that each employee has the same opportunity to receive rewards, this program will require not only management but employee participation through nominating their peers for many of the different rewards and recognitions. Organization has set limits per employee per fiscal year in both monetary and non-monetary rewards. What this basically means is that no one employee will receive more than five hundred dollars ($500) a year in rewards no matter if they have met all the requirments to receive an award. If an employee maxes out on the monetary rewards then they will receive a special recognition of there efforts and achievements within this organization.
    Rewards and recognitions will be given every three months at an awards banquet in which all employees can participate in. Examples of the types of rewards and recognition to be rewarded are:
    • Attendance and Safety - Employees will be rewarded a seventy five dollar ($75) bonus for no days absent in a three month period. Each department will compete to win a fifty dollar bonus for each of its employee for no missed work due to injuries (Monty Crawford, Personal Communication).
    • Customer Service - Customer service recognition is designed to promote and recognize and employee’s outstanding customer service (University of Virginia, 2005). Employees nominate each month the person they feel deserves recognition by filling out the nomination form and describing why they think their choice should be awarded the “Customer Service Certificate”.
    • Public Service - This award is for the employee who demonstrates service through volunteerism, and community service for a length of time (University of Virginia, 2005). Managers, an outside party, and other employees can nominate the person they feel deserves this recognition by filling out the nomination form. The employee who wins will receive a certificate of recognition along with a seventy five dollar ($75) gift certificate.
    • Outstanding achievements – Department managers choose the employee who demonstrates the positive behaviors and values of the organization. Employees who demonstrate the ability of performing their job duties will get the chance to be involved working in another area that interest them for the experience.
    Caught Being an Inspiration to Others - Employees who are “Caught Being an Inspiration to Others” will be an on the spot award for employees who demonstrate a positive attitude through kindness and compassion shown to others (Monty Crawford, Personal Communication). The employee will get to draw for one of these items: coffee mug, T-shirt, free lunch, or even a gift card for $25.
    This organizations goal is to help those in and surrounding communities meet unmet needs through programs and services designed to meet those needs. Every employee is a reflection of this organization and meeting their needs is just as important to us as our clients. The “You’re the Best” rewards and recognition program was designed with the employee in mind in creating an enjoyable work atmosphere for each to work in. Employees deserve to be treated with respect and have a chance to do quality work. Employees who my have been feeling a sense on not making a difference can once again have the opportunity for self-development and improvement through the positive reinforcements given to them by their peers and management.

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  3. I'll check what you have so far -- meantime, if copy/paste is not working, you'll need to type in the rest by hand.

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  4. Employee Reward Program

    Organizations such as ours<~~This is in the body of your paper, I hope. Otherwise, you need to name the organization and/or describe it. attract potential employees and retain current employees, not because of salaries, but because they have a strong desire to help others. Human service employees spend an enormous amount of their time in service of others in trying to meet a client’s specific need. Over time, these employees will become burn out<~~�burn out� is slang; what is a good non-slang word you can use? in their jobs, not because of their unwillingness to help, but because they themselves need to be uplifted. That is why this organization is proud to announce our “You’re the Best� rewards and recognition program, because<~~delete “because� and start a new sentence here~~> we know that this organization can only be as good as its employee’s<~~omit the apostrophe; this use is not possessive (Dubai World, 2008). That is why we want to show our appreciation for their commitment and dedication to an outstanding service with this organization. <~~You’ve said “this is why� or “that is why� twice in the past three sentences. How can you vary the phrasing?

    The “You’re the Best� rewards and recognition program is designed to encourage employees to contribute to both organizational effectiveness and the quality of work life. The rewards program is in conjunction with the employee incentives already in place, such as vacations, retirement packages, and health care packages offered. The rewards program will ensure each employee’s basic needs are met, competitive benefits are offered, benefits are equally distributed<~~add comma and employees are treated as individuals (Kettner, 2002). This organization<~~what organization? is aware that our employees are motivated when a sense of achievement, recognition, enjoyment of work itself, and advancement is combined with supervision, competitive salary, interpersonal relations with superiors, and peers; and working conditions are being met<~~What is this last all about – the part after the semicolon. It probably needs to be deleted or combined into the previous series ( Skemp-Arlt and Toupence, 2007). This organization through our “You’re the Best� rewards and recognition system will also include employee feedback through regular communication, management that listens, a staff that is involved, a clear vision, an opportunity for training and a fun workplace<~~This series is not “parallel� – I’ll include a links for parallel construction below; basically you need to make all parts of the series the same structure of words (Jacobs, 2007).

    Furthermore our rewards program will ensure that each employee has a chance to turn out quality work, have a chance for promotion, and an opportunity to do interesting work and self-improvement<~~again, there’s a need for parallel construction in this series, as well as a comma before the “and� (Kettner, 2002). Employees will be given the respect they deserve<~~add comma which will enable them to have a sense of accomplishment<~~add comma and they will know they are important to this organization (Kettner, 2002).

    Through our new rewards plan, all employees <~~add a dash full-time and part-time <~~add a dash are eligible to participate. All employees will have an opportunity to earn rewards and receive recognition.

    Parallel construction:

    Comma uses:

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  5. Dashes:

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