Calculus - Partial Fractions

I've set a problem up, something like this.

s^4: A+D=0
s^3: -2A+B-3D+E=0
s^2: 2A-B+C+3D-3E=0
s^1: -2A+B-D+3E=4
s^0: A+C-E=4

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  1. I'm sorry. I forgot to say that I don't know how to solve for A, B, C, D, and E... Help there would be appreciated.

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  2. I would let my calculator do the gaussian reduction.

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  3. It's easier to substitute for s the values that make the denominators zero and then demand equalty. You then get simpler equations than comparing the coefficients of equal powers of s on both sides.

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  4. Would anybody mind showing it out? I tried what Count Iblis said, but it didn't really work out well...

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