French Accent Marks

I have to write a lot of french essays for my class and I usually need to type them. I was wondering of anyone could tell me how to put the accent marks over the a, e and stuff. Can anyone help?

The following will work if you type your papers in a word processor that uses Windows (Word for Windows, Works for Windows, WordPerfect for Windows, etc.):

In this chart, you'll pay attention to Char and Code columns. You'll substitute pressing the Alt key whenever there's a & in the Code column, and you'll press zero on the number pad (not across the top of the keyboard) whenever # appears. Then press the numbers as given -- again, on the number pad.

If you want a grave accent over the lower-case a, you'll press Alt 0224 (à). If you want an acute accent over the lower-case a, you'll press Alt 225 (á). And so on. Just save this site to favorites and use those two columns.


I'd better make something clear.

Press and hold the Alt key down while you're pressing the particular number combination on the number pad.


Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The answer is assuming you have a PC. If, however, you have a MAC, it is so much easier!

Oh, that's right. I've heard from friends who have Macs that they can make those accent marks more easily. I've just memorized a few on that list that I use frequently, and hardly think about it anymore -- marks such as ½ and é and ñ and others.


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