how is the electricity in our light bublbs formed. Ex. buring coal??????

Electricity is attracted to the wires of the light so it is attracted to the bulb

Huh? Electricity is generated by spinning the rotor inside a generator. the rotor (called this because it rotates) has magnets attached to it. The Generator also has a Stator(called this because it does not move or, remains "static") the stator has Windings, wires which are wound around the inside of the stator at the same angle as the angle of the rotation of the rotor (if you drew an arrow to show rotation direction, the wires are aligned with that direction) As the magnets spin, the magnetic field moving across the wires causes electrostatic induction (the electrons in the wires become "excited" and move in the direction of rotation) the generator is attached to the wires which are attached to the light bulb (and everything else that uses electricity)

Imagine a train. if you push the last car the whole train will move. The electrons in the metal of the wires act the same way. the electrons pushed by the generator push on the electrons in the light bulb. Different materials allow this passage of electrons at different levels of efficiency, the copper in the wires is very efficient, the tungsten in a "standard" light bulb is not as efficient, so when the electrons are pushed through it gets hot, and emits photons (light.)

How do you turn a generator's rotor? there are a few different ways, You asked about burning Coal, the heat from the burning coal is used to produce steam in a Boiler (think of a teapot) the steam from the boiler is piped into a Turbine (looks like a jet engine on the inside, a collection of angled blades attached to a central drive shaft) which causes it to spin, the drive shaft of the turbine is attached to the rotor, causing it to spin, thereby generating electricity.

There are many different ways to heat water to spin the turbine. Dams simply direct water across the turbines (Hydroelectric). Other generation systems simply use a "Jet" style engine to do it,or wind passing across wings attached to the rotor, no boiler/turbine system.

Other methods of pushing electrons along wires exist as well, Photovoltaic (solar electric panels) electrothermic (very rare) etc.

Thank-you =)

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asked by Gina

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