English expression

1. How many are there in Mi-na's family? There are five in her family.
2. How many brothers does Mi-na have? She has two brothers.
3. Who is Mi-na's older brother? He is Min-su.
4. Who is Mi-na's younger brother? He is Min-ho.
5. Do they have a dog? Yes, they do.
6. What is it? It's a dog.
7. What's the dog's name? It's June. / He name is June. / Its name is June.
8. Does she have big ears? No, she doesn't . She has small ears.
9. Does she have a small nose? Yes, she does.
10. Does she have a small mouth? No, she doesn't. She has a big mouth.
11. She has big black eyes, doesn't she? Yes, she does.
12. Does she have short legs? Yes, she does.
13. She has blue hair, doesn't she? No, she doesn't. She has brown hair.
14. Who is Mi-na's best friend? June is.
15. Does Mi-na love her very much? Yes, she does.
16. Who is Mi-na's new friend? Mike is.
17. Does Mi-na have a new friend? Yes, she does.
18. Where is he from? He is from America.
19. Who is Mike? He is Mi-na's English teacher's son.
20. Is he thin? Yes, he is.
21. Is he heavy? No, he isn't. He is thin.
22. Does he have dark brown eyes? No, he doesn't. He has blue eyes.
23. Does he have short hair? Yes, he does.

Hello, writeacher and other helpers.
Good to see you again. I'd like to use the questions and answers for the asking and answering activity with people. Would you take a look at the questions and answers? If there are expressions which are not appropriate, let me know them. I'd like to use correct expressions.

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  1. All look really good except for some minor corrections in 6 and 7.

    5. Do they have a dog? Yes, they do.
    6. What is it? It's a dog. Coming right after #5, in which you've already said they have a dog, it'd probably be better to say what kind of dog it is. "It's a Shih-tzu" or "It's a Collie" or something like that.
    7. What's the dog's name? It's June. / He name is June. / Its name is June. I would have the answer to this question be "Her name is June."

    Nice work.


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