For my writing, it has to be a three paragraph essay.I have to include 2 differences and 1 similarity about 4th grade vs. the 5th grade. How do I start my paragraph?

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  1. What are the differences and similarities between the two grades?

    You need to plan the entire essay before you start the first sentence.

  2. i will go and help ma

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  3. Zeus, you have such a good writing with this topic, howveer, there is something to look at. Take a close look at the following writing and compare with your own one. Good day!There are many ways to organize a surprise party for our friends. I describe the way below which I am used to make birthday party for my close friend. Tim is my close friend. He is the dog age follow as Chinese calender, so he loves the thing related to dog. This year is his twentieth birthday, I wanted to make a surprised birthday party for him.On that night, I and his friends were at his house. All of us prepared a lot of food and drink, the special thing is a big birthday cake which has the dog shape with 20 candles. After preparing everything, we were waiting he came back. When he opened door, entered house and turned on the lights, he shouted for joy, then he hugged everyone and says thank us so much. During this party, he ate and drank a lot, especially he sang many songs for everyone. He also took many pictures with birthday cake because he loves it. I and his friends have felt so glad because we brought him the happiness o his important day.

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