if a person can fill a tank in 12 min. and another person can fill a tank in 20 min. How long will it take both of them to fill 1 tank together?

asked by shirley
  1. 12/60 = 1/5 of an hour

    1 tank can be filled in 1/5 of an hour
    your rate is 5 tanks per hour

    20/60 = 1/3 of an hour

    The tank can be filled in 1/3 of an hour. your rate is 3 tanks per hour

    (5 tanks per hour)time + (3 tanks per hour)time = 1 tank filled
    5t + 3t = 1
    t =1/8 of an hour.

    This makes sense because it should take less time to fill the tank if both are working together.

    posted by JJ

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