Modern World History

How did Louis XIV respond as he faced execution?

Death of the Sun King
The final years of Louis XIV's reign were marred by his persecution of Protestants and bitter losses in war. His personal life was also marked by tragedy. Between 1701 and 1712 his brother, son, grandson, and beloved granddaughter-in-law all died. Louis himself died an agonizing death from gangrene on September 1, 1715. He was succeeded by his great-grandson, King Louis XV.

Did you mean Louis VI????

I mean Louis XVI not XIV i'm sorry.

Here's an excerpt about Louis XVI's facing his death from How Did They Die by Norman and Betty Donaldson (St. Martin's Press; 1980).

"Louis' final meeting with his family took place the same evening [as the Decrees were read to him]in the dining room, where he could be watched through the glazed doors. It was plain to the observers from the agitationof the queen and princesses that he was telling them of the condemnation. At 10:15 the king rose and, as he moved with his family to the door, only he was controlled. He once more embraced them tenderly and said, 'Farewell! farewell!' With much difficulty the abbe obtained from the Church of the Capuchins of the Marais the articles necessary to perfrom Mass the next morning. The king, asking to be called at 5:00 A.M., fell into a profound sleep.

"As his valet Jean-Baptiste Clery lighted the fire the next morning, Monday, 21 January, 1793, the king awoke, remarking he was glad he had slept soundly, as the previous day had been fatiguing. . . . he heard Mass and received Communion. . . . During the two-hour coach journey the king and the abbe took turns reading aloud from de Firmont's breviary, their calm astounding the two attendant gendarmes. . . . As one of the executioners opened the door, the king admonished the gendarmes to do no harm to the abbe. As soon as the king descended from the coach, the executioners tried to remove his outer garments. He pushed them away and with great dignity removed his coat, collar and shirt. He was outraged when they tried to bind his hands, and for an agonizing moment the abbe was afraid that there was going to be violence.

"Finally Louis submitted and with great difficulty mounted the steep steps to the scaffold. With a glance he silenced the drummers and in a firm loud voice declared, 'I die innocent of all the crimes of which I am charged. I forgive those who are guilty of my death, and I pray God that the blood which you are about to shed may never be required of france.' Angrily, General Santerre ordered the drums to drown the king's voice. the executioners fitted his neck into the groove directly below the knife. In his final moment Louis shouted, 'May my blood cement the happiness of Fr___' The executioner picked up the severed head, raised it on high, and showed it to the people on all four sides of the platform."

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