Silent Night in Cheyenne

For anyone interested in Native American, here is what is sung to the tune of Silent Night.

Pavetaa'eva nehe'xoveva Tsexho'ehnese ho'eva,
Jesus Vo'estanevestomanehe. Ehvo'estanetsehestaotsehoo'o
Tsexho'eotsestomotahaetse Vo'estanevehahtsestotse.

Ahaa esheeva nehe'xoveva Tsexho'ehnese ho'eva,
Jesus Vo'estanevestomanehe, Tsehvo'estanevehatano'toetse
Netao'o haveseveva, Tsehveno'ohaetse

English Translation:
It was a good night then when He came to earth,
Jesus the Savior. He became a person
When He Brought us Salvation.

It was a blessed day then when He came to earth,
Jesus the Savior, when He wanted to save us
From all sin, when he rescued us.

The lyrics were put in Cheyenne in 1909 by Rev. Rodolphe Petter, a Mennonite missionary to the Cheyennes, who came to America from Switzerland.

It sounds like a beautiful song

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