How would u prepare each of the following solutions

100 mL of a 245 ppm solution of urea, CH4N2O, in water

How would u prepare each of the following solution

100 mL of an aqueous solution whose K+ concentration is 0.084 M

Write up the procedure, and I will gladly check it. I assume the ppm is on the basis of w/w

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asked by UTramos
  1. MW:CH4N2O(Urea) 60g/mole x 245/1000000 x .100L = .00147g urea. So weigh out .00147g urea and mix it with water in a volumetric flask up to exactly 100mL. Since 1ppm =1mg/1kg or 1/1000000

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    posted by regina
  2. idkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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    posted by ste

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