Hi! I am doing this chemistry lab of solubility curve of a solid investigation and this is for KCl.

The purpose of this lab is to investigate the relationship between the solubility of potassium chloride and the temperature of its solution and to create a solubility curve for an ionic solid.

There is two questions I do not understand...

1) What property of the solution is illustrated at the moment the crystals start forming explain briefly?

and for both of these questions I found a link:

h t t p : / / a w e s o m e n e s s . c a / h i g h s c h o o l / b i n / 1 1 % 2 0 C h e m i s t r y / S o l u b i l i t y % 2 0 C u r v e % 2 0 o f % 2 0 a % 2 0 S o l i d % 2 0 L a b % 2 0 R e p o r t . p d f

Both my questions are under analysis... # 4 and 5

Question 5 is )
According to your graph, which of the following mixtures is a saturated solution and which is an unsaturated solution;
1)100g of KCl in 100mL of H2O at 40°C
2)50g of KCl in 100mL of H2O at 70°C
3) 120g of KCl in 100mL of H2O at 60°C

The website I gave you is another person with the same assignment except it is of KNO3 whereas mine is KCl...I just want to know what I should write for question 4 and for question 5 how do I basically find out if it is saturated or unsaturated...

Please help my lab is due tmw and I am completely clueless about these 2 questions..

I appreciate your time to my heart please help me:)


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