Draw the triangle with vertices D(-2,1), U(4,9), and E(10,1) On a Graph.

2. Find DU, UE, AND DE. (Distance)

3. Classify Triangle DUE by its sides.

4. Write the standard form of the equation of each line: DU, UE, and DE.Also, find the slode and then the y-intercept. Start with y=mx+b and move into standard form.

5. Draw the altitude from U to DE.Name it UM

6. What is the equation of the line UM?

7. Find the Midpoint of UE. Write the formula.Name the midpoint O on your diagram.

8. Write the equation of DO in standard form

9. Find the midpoint of DU.

10. Write the standard form of the equation of line EN.

11. Find the Measure of angle EUM using trigonomotry. Round to the nearest tenth.

12. If you rotated triangle DUE 270 degrees CLOCKWISE, what would the new cordinates be?

13. Write the standard form of the equation of the perpindicular bisector of DU.

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asked by Brian
  1. This is a homework help site, not a homework answers site.

    Which question are you having trouble with? Please be sure to show your work.


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    posted by Leo

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