Acetic acid ionizes in water as follows:


Fewer than 1% of ethanoic acid molecules are ionized at any instant. The acetate ion (CH3COO– ) is therefore ____.

A.a poor hydrogen-ion acceptor
B.a good hydrogen-ion acceptor
C.a poor hydrogen-ion donor
D.a good hydrogen-ion donor

I posted this question ealier and have reread some information and I am getting 2 answers between B and C?
Can anyone clarify? Thank you in advance...

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  1. Okay, I didn't read the question correctly/carefully. I thought the question was asking about acetic acid, not the ion; I apologize about that. Acetic acid is a weak acid, and thus a poor hydrogen ion donor. Its conjugate base, the acetate ion, would be a good hydrogen-ion acceptor.

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  2. Correction, it would be a poor hydrogen-ion acceptor.

    Google: wisconsin acid and base conjugates

    Take a look at wisconsin's website to understand what the correct answer will be.

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  3. A is the correct answer.

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  4. Hello,
    A is NOT the correct answer, i just took this test and it is...
    Fewer than 1% of ethanoic acid molecules are ionized at any instant. The acetate ion (CH3COO– ) is therefore ____. (1 point)
    (0 pts) a poor hydrogen-ion acceptor
    (1 pt) a good hydrogen-ion acceptor
    (0 pts) a poor hydrogen-ion donor
    (0 pts) a good hydrogen-ion donor

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