maths-urgently needed

In right angled triangle ABC angle B=90 degree
and AB= root 34 unit. The coordinates of point B and Care (4,2)and (-1,y) respectively.
If area of triangle ABC = 17 sq.units, then find value of y.

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  1. area = (1/2)(BC)(AB)
    17 = (1/2)(√(5^2 + (2-y)^2 ) (√34
    34/√34 = √(25 + 4 - 4y + y^2)
    square both sides
    34 = 29 - 4y + y^2
    y^2 - 4y - 5 = 0
    (y-5)(y+1) = 0
    y = 5 or y = -1

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  2. this answer sux

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  3. Pawar Ka jabdaa

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  4. Hshdhdjjd

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  5. This is not a perfect answer I think so..

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