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Molar Mass & Elements

The weight percent of oxygen in an oxide that has the formula MO2, is 15.2%. What is the molar mass of this compound? What element or elements are possible for M?

what can someone give me a push in the right direction????

Let x be the taonic mass of the unknown element.

Solve the equation
x/(32 + x) = 0.152

Solve for x. It should closely agree with the atomic mass of hafnium. There IS an HfO2 molecule

If I run this calculation I obtain 5.73 for x. I wonder if the expression should be
x/(32+x) = 100-15.2=.848??

And I made a typo (actually, two typos, both placing the decimal point); it should be

Could you please set up a tutorial of how to work out molar mass. Could it please include step by step procedures of how to work the problem out.

I misread your question. Please ignore my previous answer

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