Grammar (Last one :) )

Except for Ronnie and _____, everyone was on time.
him(my answer)

Between you and _____, I know the answer to the mystery.
me(my answer)

Leave your message with Ms. Horioka and _____.

me(my answer)

It was Geraldine Ferraro _______ ran for vice president in 1984.
who(my answer)

With _____ did you have dinner?
whom(my answer)

Thank you so much for the help, I really appreciate it :D

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  1. All are correct. :-)

  2. Thank you :)

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  3. You're welcome.

  4. 21. him
    22. me
    23. me
    24. who
    25. whom

    are the correct ones. You had the first three wrong.

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  5. i burned my finger tips off so the cops wouldent find me IMA DRUNK.

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