Can someone pls help me!!

You decide to establish a new temperature scale on which the melting point of ammonia (-77.75 C ) is 0 A, and the boiling point of ammonia (-33.35 C ) is 200 A.

What would be the boiling point of water in A ?

What would be the temperature of absolute zero in A ?

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  1. Take the difference between the C's and A's and make a conversion factor.

    44.4 C=200A

    bp of water in C*(200A/44.4C)= Bp of water in A

    Absolute zero in C*(200A/44.4C)=Absolute zero in A

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  2. Where did you get 44.4 from

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  3. I used slope to find the answer to the first part which was correct... the second part is what I need help with

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  4. The difference between -77.75 and -33.35 is 44.4; the difference between the two in A is 200 (i.e., 0 to 200).

    This means that 200 A= 44.4 C

    What I calculated was a ratio, so you can use the ratio to convert your units for each of the following to A.

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