A small ferryboat is 4.00 m wide and 6.00 m long. When a loaded truck pulls onto it, the boat sinks an additional 4.50 cm into the river. What is the weight of the truck?

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  1. V = L*W*h = 6*4*0.045 = 1.08 m^3 = Vol.
    of water displaced.

    Mass=V * Dw=1.08m^3 * 1000kg/m^3=1080 kg
    =Mass of water displaced=Mass of truck.

    Wc = 1080kg * 9.8N/kg = 10,584 N. = Wt of the truck.

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  2. Fb - mg = 0
    Fb = mg
    PgV = mg
    mg = 9408 N

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