chem(isotopic abundance)

The average atomic mass of iridium is 192.22u, if iridium-191 has an atomic mass of 190.961u and an isotopic abundance of 37.3% and iridium-193 is the only other natural occuring isotope, what is the atomic mass of iridium-193?

I tried but I don't think I have the right answer..(I get 12.01???
Please help I have an exam today

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  1. Surely not 12.01 -- That's carbon.

    .373*190.96 + .627x = 192.22
    x = 192.97
    Hence the Ir-193 moniker

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  2. where did u get 627 from?

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  3. There are only two isotopes. If Ir-191 is 37.3%, Ir-193 is 62.7%

    Think back back back to Algebra I. This is just a mixture problem.

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  4. oh 100-37.3 okokok thxx

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