Sort each of the following events based on whether the solubility of the indicated gas will increase, decrease, or stay the same. Each phrase specifies the gas involved and the change in its environment.

1. The temperature is increased
2.the partial pressure of an anesthetic gas is increased
3.O2: temperature of a body when water rises
4. the pressure of a gas over a solvent is increased
5. air in blood: a diver descends 10m and pressure increase by 1 am

Please help me and tell me which ones gas solubility increase, decrease or the gas stays the same.

I got 1 and 5 for decrease.
The 2, 3, 4 for increase.

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  1. Examine your post. I don't believe it is complete.

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  2. It is complete, for each number said if it belongs to gas solubility increase, decrease or the gas stays the same.

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  3. I still don't unerstand but
    1. Generally gases decr4eae solubility as T of liquid increases.
    2. Generally as partial pressure of gas increases the solubility increases.
    3. I have absolutely no idea what this is talking about.
    4. solubility increased.
    5. Solubility of O2^N2(air) increases.

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  4. I'm glad I wasn't the only one confused by the initial post.

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  5. Gas solubility increases:
    1) Air in blood: a diver descends 10M, ad pressure increases by 1 atm.
    2) The pressure of a gas over a solvent is increased.
    3)The particle pressure of an anesthetic gas is increased.

    Gas solubility decreases:
    1) O2: The temperature of a body of water rises.
    2) THe temperature is increased.

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  6. none of these are right!!!!!!!

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  7. What unit is an "am"?

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  8. What unit is the gas in number 1?

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