I have to write an essay on this prompt: Decrivez un conflict que vous avez vecu ou que vous avez observe. Donnez les circonstances du conflict et expliquez ce qu'on a fait pour le resoudre. Indiquez vos sentiments sur les resultats. Form what I understood I am to write the essay about a conflict I was in or observed and explain the consequences of that conflict. I'm not sure if this is what the prompt means exactly though so if anyone could help or tell me if I'm on the right idea at least. Thanks.

Yes, you're right. It also asks you to tell how the conflict was resolved and how you feel about the results.

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  1. Describe a conflict that you have seen or have observed. Give the circumstances and explain what one must do to resolve it. Indicate your feelings in the results.

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    posted by Shabida

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