1. Vecor A is 3 units in length and points along the positive x-axis. Vector B is 4 units in length and points along a direction 150 degrees from the positive x-axis. What is the direction of the resultant relative to the positive x-axis?
a. 80 degrees
b. 10 degrees
c. 90 degrees
d. 100 degrees

2. A hiker walks 4.5 km at an angle of 45 degrees north of west. Then the hiker walks 4.5 km south. What is the magnitude and direction of the hiker's total displacement?
a. 3.5 km, 22 degrees south of west
b. 3.5 km; 22 degrees north of west
c. 6.4 km, 45 degrees north of west
d. 6.4 km; 22 degrees south of west

3. A gorilla weighs 8.00 X 10^2 N and swings from vine to vine. As the gorilla grabs a new vine, both vines make an angle of 30 degrees with the vertical. In such a condition of static equilibrium, what is the net force on the vine?
a. 924 N
b. 433 N
c. 196 N
d. 461 N

4. An Olympic skier moving at 20.0 m/s down a 30 degree slope encounters a region of wet snow and slides 145 m before coming to a halt. What is the coefficient of friction between the skis and the snow?
a. 0.540
b. 0.740
c. 0.116
d. 0.470

5. Which of the following energy forms is associated with an object's interaction with the environment?
a. potential energy
b. kinetic energy
c. mechanical energy
d. nonmechanical energy

6. A 1.00 X 10^3 kg sports car accelerates from rest to 25.0 m/s in 7.50 s. What is the average power output of the automobile engine?
a. 20.8 kW
b. 30.3 kW
c. 41.7 kW
d. 52.4 kW


We'll be happy to help you if you post questions one at a time and show your work. We do not do your homework assignments for you here.


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  1. #6 is C.

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  2. #2 is A

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  3. 3. D

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