help me pls..

How the puritans were different from the people of the Revolutionary period?

WHo coined the phrase "There are many times that try men's souls"?

Who felt God was on the colonists' side and would help them win the war?

the choices fo WHO questions are JEfferson, Franklin, Thomas Paine, and Patrick henry..

please help me...

The quote from Paine is wrong above: "These are the times that try men's souls"

Ben Franklin and THomas Jefferson were diests. Neither affiliated with, nor proclaimed the Christian values common in the colonies. Jefferson believed in the God of Morals, and Franklin saw God as an being that determined events, and that God would look favorably on the colonies fight for independence.
The Puritans originally were intensely religious, but as the colonies grew, they got political, and interested in worldly things: Much like the Christian Conservatives of today.

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asked by ethan
  1. Benjamin Franklin believed God was on the colonists side and that he would help them win the war :)

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    posted by Jessica
  2. I am actually online right now for this exact problem
    "how were the puritans different..."

    it's driving me insane!

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    posted by Jessica

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