For AsClF42-:

a) Name the hybridization of the orbitals of the central atom.


b) Estimate the Cl-As-F bond angle.

Slightly less than 90∘

Exactly 90∘

Slightly greater than 90∘

Slightly less than 109.5∘

Exactly 109.5∘

Slightly greater than 109.5∘

Slightly less than 120∘

Exactly 120∘

Slightly greater than 120∘

Slightly less than 180∘

Exactly 180∘

Slightly greater than 180∘

c) Calculate the maximum wavelength, λ, of electromagnetic radiation capable of breaking the weakest bond in AsClF2−4. Express your answer in meters (m).

Bond Bond energies (kJ/mol)
As-As 180
F-F 160
Cl-Cl 240

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  1. Sp3 d2


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  2. a) sp3d2 b)Slightly less than 90∘

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    posted by lena

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