maths (matrices)

Find the value of a in the determinant of {6 3]
[4 a] is

a)6 b)3 c) 0 d)-12

(have the answers just need to know the working to get it)

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  1. If there is an "a" in your matrix (which does not look like a matrix, by the way), then there must be an "a" in the determinant.

    Is the "a" supposed to be a number?
    Are the last two numbers supposed to be lined up below the first two numbers?

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  2. find the value of a if the determinant of:(6 3)
    (4 a)is:

    a) 6 b) 3 c)0 d)12

    And yes "a" is suppose to represent a number

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  3. I misread this as a multiple choice question. It is actually a multiple (four-part) question.

    For each of your four choices of the determinant value, there is a value of a that will work. The determinant value for the matrix
    |4_a| is
    6a - 12.

    a) If the determinant D is 6, then
    6a - 12 = 6, and a = 3

    b) if the determinant D is 3, then
    6a - 12 = 3, and a = 2.5

    You do the other two cases.

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