There are four different kinds of animals on the farm. There is a different number of each kind of animal.There are 19 more cows than sheep. There 19 more ducks than hens. There are more hens than cows.Write a subtraction problem to solve.

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  1. Cows - sheep = 19

    Ducks - hens = 19

    Unless there is more data, that is all you can do.

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  2. 10 +6+19+17=52

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  3. 40 ducks 21 hens 20 cows 1 sheep

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  4. There are four different kinds of animals on the farm there is a different number of each kind of animal.there are 19 more cows then sheep.there are 19 more ducks than hens there are more hens that cows.

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  5. 52

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  6. There are multiple answers who's subtraction result is 19. (Ex. 20-1, 22-3, 50-31). The question is only asking you to make sure the subtraction problem are all different numbers and that the number representing hens is larger than the number representing cows.
    One solution is :
    Cows= 20
    Sheep= 1
    Ducks= 50
    Hens= 31

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  7. C=Cows; H=Hens; S=Sheep; D=Ducks

    (C-S)=19 & (D-H)=19


    Whereas, (H>C-S) = (D-H)

    Therefore, you have the Hen, Chicken and the Rooster. If the Rooster is having sex with the Hen, who is having sex with the Chicken?

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  8. so basically you just do hens - yo mamas weight and that would be 7 quadrillion TROLLED

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