Each rabbit constume needs one and one half yards of white fur fabric. a yard of blue striped fabric, and a quarter of a yard of pink felt for the ears.
If Gail has ten yards of white fur fabric, seven yards of blue striped fabric, and one and three quarter yards of pink felt.

1. How many rabbit costumes can Gail make?

2. Which type of fabric does Gail use up first? Explain how you figured this out.

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asked by gary
  1. 1. 6 costumes
    2. He doesn't use all of any of them

    Because you do 1.5*6=9
    and you can't have another 1.5
    and then you just times everything by 6 and you see that they all work

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    posted by Kim
  2. thank you, I post a question by mistake

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    posted by gary
  3. What fabric does Gail use up first ???

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    posted by Max

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