Basic Physics

While standing on an open bed of a truck moving at 35 m/s, and archer sees a duck flying directly overhead. The archer shoots an arrow at the duck and misses. The arrow leaves the bow with a vertical velocity of 98 m/s.
a) how long does it remain in the air
b) the truck maintains a constant speed of 35 m/s and does not change it's direction. Where does the arrow finally land?
c) what horizontal distance does the arrow travel while its in the air?

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  1. Well first of all, the arrow hits the archer on the way down. Both the truck and the archer have a constant horizontal velocity component of 35 m/s. Your late archer deserved it no doubt

    now the vertical problem.

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  2. Vi = 98
    v = Vi - 9.8 t
    0 at top
    98 = 9.8 t
    t = 10 seconds to top (good archer, strong bow)
    a) 20 seconds up and down

    b) did that, archer dead in truck bed. always turn after dropping a bomb out of your airplane by the way.

    c) 20 seconds at 35 m/s = 700 meters

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  3. you are, of course, assuming that there was no horizontal component to the arrow's velocity.

    In Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land" there is a character who is a professional observer. If you point to a house on a hill and ask what color it is, he'll reply, "This side is white," making no assumptions about the other sides.

    However, given the usual sloppy problems posted here, I agree with your analysis (ignoring air resistance).

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  4. This dead archer was a dead shot and the duck was directly overhead :) By the way it was an expert seagull pulling out of a bombing run anyway and the archer was simply retaliating.

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