Math - Credits & finance charges

On the May 1 billing date, Mary had a balance due of $970.60 on her credit card. The transactions during the following month were:
May 5 Payment $400.00
May 10 Charge: airline tickets $381.00
May 22 Charge: hotel $270.60
May 25 Charge: florist $60.20

The interest rate on the card is 1.2% per month. Using the average daily balance method, find the finance charge and balance due on June 1.

Using the Table format

(1) DATE
(6) BALANCE* No. of Days

May 1 Balance is 970.60
May 5 (3)Payment 400 and (4)balance = 570.60 what will be number 5 and 6
May 10 (2)Charge 381 and (4)balance = 951.60 what will be number (5) and (6)
May 22 (2)Charge 270.60 and (4)balance = 1222.20 what will be number (5) and (6)
May 25 (2)Charge 60.20 and (4)balance = 1282.40 what will be number (5) and (6)

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  1. Can Please Someone help me with this


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