social studies

Governments that are not comfortable with the influence of outside cultures on their population encourage _____.

a.cultural diffusion
b.cultural convergence
c.cultural divergence
d.cultural mosaics

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asked by kurtis
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    posted by meat
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    posted by John
  3. immigrants from which countries helped Canada's prairie provinces become the country's leading wheat-growing area?

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    posted by Deo
  4. To answer ur question, the answers are:
    I hope you do well. I took it and i got a 25% on it so I am going to help you all out and give yall the answers.

  5. Harmony, I know you want to help others get 100% on the test, but you really shouldn't just tell others the answers. You should explain how you got the answers and help them understand why instead of not making them work for it; you're not helping them to learn. This site is a homework help site, not a homework doing site. :) I'm not trying to be rude, but just for future reference.

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  6. so is harmony correct?

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  7. Harmony is correct i got a 100

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    posted by yuh

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