Jim sucked and sucked at the jug, and now and then he got out of his head and pitched around and yelled; but every time he come to himself he went to sucking at the jug again. His foot swelled up pretty big, and so did his leg; but judged he was all right; but I'd druther been bit with a snake than pap's whisky.

The statement "I'd druther been bit..." reveals Huck's
a. lack of respect for Pap
b. belief that Jim is making things worse
c. underestimation of the danger of snakes
d. awareness of whisky's effects
e. flippant attitude toward drinking

I narrowed it down between d or e. maybe a.

Why would he rather be bitten by a snake than the whiskey? Isn't it because the whiskey is more dangerous than the snake bite?

I need some help

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  1. E?

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    posted by Lauren

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