Read the sentence add missing exclamation marks, question marks or periods

John lives at 5044 Colonial Dr
John lives at 5044 Colonial Dr.

Did Dr Brown talk to you before class
Did Dr.Brown talk to you before class?

Have you learned about Dr Martin Luther King Jr
Have you learned about Dr.Martin Luther King Jr?

J K Rowling is an amazing author.
J.K. Rowling is an amazing author.

Did you find the answer to number 21
Did you find the answer to number 21?


Hey I'm still on the phone
Hey! I'm still on the phone.

That was a terrible movie
That was a terrible movie!

This is due on Dec 5th
This is due on Dec 5th.

I just met Johnny Depp
I just met Johnny Depp!

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asked by Jerald
  1. All are correct except #3.

  2. Have you learned about Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr?

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    posted by Jerald
  3. Put a space after the period after "Dr" and it'll be perfect!

  4. Jr.?

  5. Ah, yes ... Ms. Sue's right ... there needs to be that period after Jr and before the question mark.

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